Mordax plain grayOppressor V2204_SAM_0222

The days fly by so quickly in the summer, even though the days are longer.   The Mordax and Blade Junkee designed Oppressor V2 runs are rocking and rolling right now and will carry us through the month of July as collaborations with Toxic Blades, Kramer Knives, Noble Knives, and Arena Knives loom on the horizon.
As we move through August and September we will likely go back to back Entry Level runs with the N-TAC and a very special 100 piece run of SM-100 Stingers, if we get SM-100 in time for a September release.  That’s not all, we also have a DSK Tactical Diamondback collab run in there too.
As we roll into the fall months we will likely run an Entry Level run of Compliance Edge Vendetta folders and some kind of flipper version of a Ramon Chaves folder.  Plus we’re working out the details on Model run collabs with a few of our friends like: Tim Curry, Tashi Bharucha, and Les George.
 Check the Model Run and Entry Level Folder pages for all the upcoming knives we are planning this year as they get planned and confirmed I post them.
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